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Eberly & Collard Public Relations Announces New Client

Press Release – For Immediate Release

Media Contact: Eberly & Collard Public Relations, 404-574-2900
Don Eberly,
Eberly & Collard Public Relations Announces New Client
January 2010 – Eberly & Collard Public Relations, a public / media relations firm specializing in the Home, Garden, Design, and Agribusiness Industries, announced this month it is managing public / media relations for Big River Industries / Old Castle APG, the nation’s largest producer of expanded clay lightweight aggregate.
The firm is developing new methods of communicating Big River Industries’ expanded clay lightweight aggregate product information, application benefits, and case-studies to the engineering, architecture, building, and horticulture / landscape marketplaces. Media kit research and development began in December, and product-based case-study writing is being completed to include all essential applications of Big River Industries’ aggregate products.
Team members managing initial campaigns developed an Associated Press-based feature article about Big River Industries that will be published in Pit & Quarry magazine, a publication featuring companies in the mining and manufacturing industries. The firm also secured a feature-oriented article in “question and answer” format that will quote Big River Industries’ top personnel. It will publish in Landscape & Irrigation, a leading trade publication for landscape, land and turf managers.
“A strategic and full-scale media relations program plan will lead to articles and product coverage publicizing Big River Industries in key trade publications,” says Jeff Collard, vice president for Eberly & Collard Public Relations. “Our firm’s ability to author many of the articles for the media combined with Big River Industries’ valuable industry knowledge is already lending to information-sharing with engineer, architect, builder, and other networks.”
Big River Industries’ lightweight aggregates are used in a variety of concrete products, including concrete masonry units and structural lightweight concrete for buildings and highway bridge decks. Other uses include precast / prestressed concrete, skid-resistant asphalt paving, geotechnical fill, and specialty products such as adhered manufactured stone masonry veneers. Compared to ordinary aggregates, lightweight aggregates increase the fire resistance and insulating capabilities of concrete products, improve their strength to weight ratio, enhance durability, and improve seismic and fatigue resistance, all while increasing cost efficiency. Big River Industries’ lightweight aggregates also reduce vertical and lateral loads when used for geotechnical fill. These aggregates are used in a wide range of applications by customers, and they supply solutions other products cannot provide.    

In addition to lightweight aggregates, Big River Industries’ markets Class C Fly Ash, a by-product of western coal combustion. Fly Ash can be used as a partial replacement for cement in concrete products. It is also useful for solidifying liquid waste in landfills, and for soil stabilization.
More about Big River Industries
Big River Industries is an Oldcastle APG company, and has been a part of Oldcastle Architectural since 1987. The company began in 1954 with the production of Gravelite®, a rotary kiln produced aggregate at the company's original location near Baton Rouge, La. In 1984, a second expanded clay lightweight aggregate, Livlite®, was added with the acquisition of the Tombigbee Lightweight Aggregate Company in Livingston, Ala. The Arkalite® plant near West Memphis, Ark. was purchased in 2005, making Big River Industries the nation's largest producer of expanded clay lightweight aggregate. Today, Big River Industries’ annual production capacity exceeds 2.5 million cubic yards.
Big River Industries’ expanded clay lightweight aggregate has been used at Soldier Field, Busch Stadium, Turner Field, the Picardy Interchange, Meadowbrooke Golf Course, Chicago City Hall, The University of Central Florida, and numerous other high-profile sites.

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